What is Reusable Micro Services ?

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Reusable microservices refer to small, independent, and self-contained software components that can be used to build larger, more complex software applications. These microservices are designed to perform a specific function or task, such as user authentication or payment processing, and are built using standardized APIs and protocols.

The key feature of reusable microservices is that they are modular and can be combined together to create different software applications, without the need to build everything from scratch. This approach allows developers to focus on building only the functionality that is specific to their application, and to reuse existing microservices to handle other tasks.

Reusable microservices are designed to be flexible and scalable, and can be deployed and managed independently from each other. This makes it easier to update or replace individual microservices without affecting the rest of the application.

In summary, reusable microservices are a software architecture approach that promotes modular, flexible, and scalable design, enabling developers to create more efficient and maintainable software applications.

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