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The ease of API software integration depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the API, the programming language and technology stack used, and the expertise of the developers involved.

In general, most modern APIs are designed to be easy to integrate into other software applications, using standardized protocols and interfaces such as REST or SOAP. These APIs typically provide clear documentation, sample code, and development tools that can help developers to quickly and easily integrate them into their applications.

However, integrating APIs may still require some programming skills and technical knowledge, especially when dealing with more complex APIs or legacy systems. Developers need to have a good understanding of the API's capabilities and limitations, and may need to write custom code to handle specific use cases or edge cases.

Moreover, integrating APIs may also require some configuration and setup, such as obtaining API keys, configuring security settings, and establishing data connections. This can add some complexity to the integration process, especially when dealing with multiple APIs or third-party services.

In summary, while many APIs are designed to be easy to integrate, the ease of integration ultimately depends on various factors and may require some programming skills and technical expertise.

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